My Story

Hello. Hi. Howdy.

I am a VIP Companion for hire offering sensual + kinky services to men, women, and couples.

How wonderful that you have arrived here at this very moment.

This is a secret part of my otherwise straight laced life and I place a great value on discretion. I respect your privacy from the very first contact to the celebration of our 100th party.

A deliciously grown up version of the girl next door with a touch of saucy minx thrown in for good measure. Having been known to laugh hysterically at a silly joke am just about as down to earth as one can get.

I’m all in during our time together and don’t govern myself with mechanical menus. Though at this stage in my life I am more sensual than wild. I prefer to build pleasure with a lover over time.

I am complex but uncomplicated.

My Passions

As a great lover of the outdoors you can tempt me with a long walk in the woods or an afternoon spent on a beach basking in the sunshine.

I have a daily yoga practice that tends both my mind and body. Not at all religious but spiritual. I lean a bit to the side of magic with most things and really dig a conversation that involves the intersection of science and the metaphysical.

Textbook introvert (INTJ); I love my me time which is usually spent reading, crafting, or contemplating the universe. I also have an almost unhealthy love of cleaning.  Shaking my groove thing is a favourite past-time and I take the opportunity to dance socially as often as I am able.

What I believe

You will find me open-minded, adventurous. I am almost always up for new things and enjoy well practiced honed craft. There are few things I adore more than connecting with people in a meaningful intimate way.

The unravelling of deep desire and the building of lasting trust.

Delighting in deeply personal exploration and non-judgemental playtime. I am especially good for those first times.

My offerings are sensual in nature though I do enjoy boundary pushing into safe and sane kink.

Simply put, I revel in pleasure given and received.

All bodies are good bodies. I am open to all clients who are respectful.

Age: Mid-Thirties
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 8
Panties: L
Measurements: 34D – 27 – 38
Height: 5’3 without heels
Background: Irish/English
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair & Freckle Covered
Non-Smoker & Non-Drinker

Fav Food: Sushi
Fav Music: Country, Indie Folk, Vintage Jazz & Big Band Swing
Fav Movie(s): Moulin Rouge, Where the Heart Is, The Crow, LOTR (depending on my mood)
Fav TV Show(s): GOT, TrueBlood, PeakyBlinders
Fav Book(s): The Birth House, Lullabies for Little Criminals, Lonely Hearts Hotel
Fav Ice Cream Flavour: Cherry Cheesecake
Fav Coffee Drink: Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte

Connect with Me

I'm not around right now but I would love to hear from you. Send me a note and I will be in touch soon

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